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Anim Update

2008-10-21 02:49:54 by guillotine605

The character designs by Tayta1 for Vincent and Max are below.

Anim Update

New anim...

2008-10-18 20:57:46 by guillotine605

Me and Tayta1 are creating an animation version of the movie Collateral. It's gonna take a while, unfortunately, but in the meantime we'll show various character updates.

The movie trailer is below.

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Game comin' out...

2008-08-31 02:06:37 by guillotine605

Whee... I'm about 2/8 of the way through making a game called Clued In.
Tayta is helping me. Should be out soon.


2008-07-25 18:37:50 by guillotine605

I am making an animation with someone, which will be my flash portal debut!

LOL I'm bored.